About Exelnow.com

Exelnow.com is an online shop for semi-finished products of Exel Composites as well as for products and spare parts manufactured from them. Exel Webstore is designed for business customers. From our webstore you can quickly and easily order high-quality products for various purposes. Our product portfolio widens every day!

Exel Composites’ business operations are based on proprietary composite technology and product range built around it in cooperation with our customers. Exel Composites have a strong market position in selected segments, as well as an excellent quality and brand reputation around the world. Our company provides an outstanding customer experience by means of world-class operations, long-term partnerships, as well as new and constantly improving products and innovations. Expertise of our employees and our high standard of technology, play a significant role in our business activities.

Products made by Exel Composites are at the forefront of composite product technology. We are a global company with factories in seven different countries where the product development and manufacturing take place. For further information about Exel Composites, please visit: www.exelcomposites.com.